Layout 1The Creation of the Samstone Lecture

Whereas Ruth Samsel and Barbara Livingstone have been major contributors to the UUCWC community by being role models for all members of this congregation and especially for women;

Whereas by living the UU principles in both word and deed and by the authenticity of their lives, they have been committed to peace and to the enlightenment of the congregation in the area of LGBT equality;

And whereas they have been leaders who were never afraid to dream big, whose commitment did not stop at the church door but carried UU principles to the larger community;

To honor the contributions of Ruth and Barbara, Adult RE will create a day-long event to be held at UUCWC to include a lecture by a distinguished guest on a topic related to a religious issue that impacts women and a follow-up program which would provide an opportunity for any and all members and friends of the congregation as well as persons from the community-at-large to meet and more deeply explore the lecture topic.

This event shall be called The Samstone Lecture. The inaugural lecture, Re-drawing the Circle: One Woman’s Journey presented by Carol Lynn Pearson, was held in November 2012. The 2013 lecture, Women and Spirituality in the Material World, featured Ellen Frankel.

The Samstone Lecture is organized, publicized, and conducted under the auspicesstarhawk_poster

of UUCWC’s Adult RE Committee.

Starhawk was the 2014 Samstone Lecture.

Check this space for our next Samstone Lecture.