I Am Trenton Receives $4,000 from 2019 Auction

At the annual meeting in June, 2018, UUCWC adopted the following proposal put forth by the Auction Committee, “In keeping with the mission of UUCWC, the Auction Committee proposes that 50% of net auction proceeds, after the budgeted revenue from the auction is met, be donated to social action causes.

In 2019, the 50% of the proceeds raised to donate was $3,833.

The I AM TRENTON Community Foundation was selected by the Council for Faith in Action (CFA) as the recipient of the 2019 funding. There are many deserving groups and this one was selected due to their unique goals that they presented to UUCWC:

I Am Trenton Community Foundation was founded with the understanding that each and every individual who lives, works, learns and plays in Trenton can contribute to the city. It is dedicated to the mission of making Trenton even better through community engagement, building pride in Trenton, and community-focused giving.

Governed by a diverse, all-volunteer board of trustees committed to the mission of making Trenton even better through community engagement, building pride in TRENTON and community-focused giving. The name reflects a pride of ownership and membership in an unique urban community.

Their goal is to provide opportunities to all Trentonians to be actively engaged in shaping the future of the city. (For more info see https://www.iamtrenton.org/.)

The CFA agreed that this organization closely aligns with UUCWC’s mission: Create Community, Celebrate Life, Change the World and with our 8th Principle.

The Faith Expression and Funding Team of CFA voted to add and round up this first grant to $4,000. When asked how this might be received, UUCWC member Regina Zilinski (who knows I Am Trenton, and its leadership, well) exclaimed, “Oh, I can tell you, they will be THRILLED! This is a lot of money and it will make a big difference!”

As the 2020 Auction is planned, CFA will be working to identify candidates for this year, looking for recommendations on both sides of the river. Hopefully we will be able to award one (or two) significant donations as a result of the Auction. CFA will vote on the possible recipients and work with the Auction committee to incorporate this information as we move more towards our goal of having a true service auction.

If you have an idea of a local organization for CFA to consider for 2020 Auction monies, please send your thoughts to CFA@uucwc.org.

The UUCWC Community will have the opportunity to learn more about, and meet representatives of, the I Am Trenton Community Foundation after each service on Sunday, February 2.