Church Wide Racial Justice Project – Something for Everyone

UUCWC is offering a new program this year concerning racial inequality and racial justice that I am really excited about. The Church Wide Racial Justice Project was conceived in honor of UUCWC’s 100th anniversary, which occurs this April.

Here is how the project works:

Participants will have two monthly commitments between October and April. One is to ENGAGE in an action that concerns racial inequality and racial justice. The second is to REFLECT on racial inequality in a small group setting.

There are four suggested areas of action which can be read about here. For this article, I will focus on the fourth option, the “Banquet Table,” because it was created for people with very little extra time.

The Banquet table will list a smorgasbord of offerings each month that encourage exploration and reflection on racial inequality and racial justice. Participants will be able to select an option that appeals to them that does not require a long-term commitment. The offerings will include a Film, links to articles, a monthly book, among other ideas. Additionally, it will include children’s books on racial justice so that you can participate in this part of the project with your family. The Banquet table will also include information about activities and events at groups such as the UU Legislative Ministry of NJ, the UU PA Legislative Advocacy Network, the Campaign to End the New Jim Crow and the Black Lives Matter movement.

The second part of the Church Wide Racial Justice Project is the monthly small Reflection group. Each meeting will consist of a structured reflection on the monthly theme as it applies to racial justice. Groups are being scheduled for several different times (evenings, daytime and Sunday) and there will be no more than eight people in each group.

To read more about or express interest in the Church Wide Racial Justice Project see:

I hope you will be able to participate.


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