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A Theology of Relationship

Rev. Kim’s reflections come in two parts. The first was the intended CrossCurrents article to be published here and was written days before the shootings in Orlando, FL. The second piece was posted on Rev. Kim’s personal FaceBook page in response to the tragedy. The First Reflection The Second Reflection This is the first of … Continued

In the Beginning

Years ago I led a small group ministry on the theme of Creation – the same theme we enter into this April. For an entire month, and then for some, the whole of the congregational year, I asked the congregation to keep a journal in which they built upon the sentence, “In the beginning…”. What … Continued

We Are Because of One Another

As we move further into 2016, our Centennial Year here at UUCWC, it seems obvious to note the great and deep effect this congregation has had on our own lives and families. Here we have made chosen family; our own couplings and our children have become stronger because of our shared faith; we have grown … Continued

Rev. Kim Offers Opening Prayer for NJ Senate

On January 11th I was honored to spend the afternoon in the NJ State House where I was privileged enough to offer the opening prayer for the Senate Session. Republicans to my right and Democrats to my left, leather seats and dark suits, and stained glass windows that traced the ceiling, telling stories of NJ’s … Continued

When Hope is Hard to Find

One of my favorite hymns, A Rose in the Winter Time, is also one of the first hymns I learned. It was, in lyric and song, what represented Unitarian Universalism to me: “And I’ll bring you hope, when hope is hard to find. And I’ll bring a song of love, and a rose in the … Continued

How Will You Be Part of the Village?

I’m writing at 8:30 in the morning and a plate of homemade cookies is staring me down. It’s not even a plate; it’s a platter. And next to the platter there are two extra plates. Oatmeal raison, chocolate white chocolate chip, gluten free peanut butter. It’s torture. Susan Irgang’s daughter, Rachel, made these for us … Continued

News Out of Trenton

Dear Friends at UUCWC, I imagine that many of you have been made aware that an unarmed 14-year-old black Trenton teen was shot this past weekend by local police. Radazz Hearns was shot 7 times while running away from officers on Friday. He is alive and in stable condition. On Thursday night, four members of … Continued

Challenging and Good Work

This past Sunday I shared that one of my favorite stories is of Jacob in the Hebrew Bible. Jacob has many interesting stories associated with him but the one I spoke about was his wrestling with an angel in the middle of the night. Jacob and his entire family were on a long trip traveling … Continued