Reset: Council for Faith in Action

To say that the Council for Faith in Action has been restructured is a bit of a stretch. The truth is, the CFA now simply reflects its original purpose and mission: to gather together the representatives of each justice ministry team at UUCWC so that all involved in this vital endeavor of bringing about the Beloved Community, howsoever they may do so, are in communication and working collaboratively.

In the past we’ve seen too much of this work exist in silos and therefore unintentionally deplete each other’s resources (financial, people, communication, etc). By having many of these groups together on a quarterly basis we are able to hear about the justice work of the church, reflect on the intersection of our efforts, and look to each other for support and deepening.

While you will continue to hear from the individual ministries about their specific projects (Faith Action Ministry’s LALDEF fundraiser and community building night in October for example! Or the amazing number of backpacks you made possible through our Social Action Ministry team!) you will also be hearing from the Council for Faith in Action as a holistic unit; one voice in a shared effort. So not as much “restructured” as “reset.”

The Council for Faith in Action meetings, like Board of Trustee meetings and the like, are open to all. Please join us on November 18 at 7pm when we gather again. It was incredible to hear the list of good works we are doing in this congregation. Thank you for making that so.