Congregational Life

Your UU Elevator Speech

Imagine you are on an elevator and someone asks you to explain Unitarian Universalism. That hasn’t happened to you (yet)? Would you be able to summarize our faith tradition in the time it takes to reach your floor? In this “for instance” you are NOT … read more.

The Lost Art of Conversation

Our First UU Principle guides us to see the inherent worth and dignity in each person. One of the ways we might practice this aspect of our faith is by welcoming visitors into the UUCWC fold. If it has been a long time since you … read more.

The Practice of Welcoming

Sunday morning is a busy time around here. I have witnessed the whirlwind that is Sunday morning as a congregant, a guest preacher and as the newly hired Minister of Congregational Life. The excitement of gathering is infectious: we are glad to see one another! … read more.

Coming in From the Cold

The temperature was in the high 90s a good chunk of July. That’s when I started my first month at UUCWC, and yet my experience of formally joining this congregation as your Minister of Congregational Life, has me feeling as though I’ve come in from … read more.