Music Ministry

New Faces – and Voices – in the Choir

By now, you will have noticed that Crossing Chorale is filling up our “choir loft”. We’ve welcomed “old” friends back and some new friends have joined us. We are thrilled to have Kathy Frey singing again after a few years away. And, Michael Howe-Smith is joyfully in the Bass section again. Sara and Juan del … Continued

Welcome Steve Ryan!

Although Steve Ryan has played for services at times in the past, I want to officially welcome him as our “new” pianist at UUCWC. A graduate of Westminster Choir College, Steve has extensive background as a director, pianist and singer. He moved to New York City in 1992 to pursue a career in musical theater … Continued

2018-2019 UUCWC Concert Series

Announcing the official line-up for the 2018–2019 UUCWC Concert Series! Erin Busch has set up four shows for this year, two of which are repeats of last year (the South Philly Big Band and Chelsea Reed and the Fair Weather Five), and two of which will be new events (Alex & Anya and the meditation … Continued

Choral Workshop – August 25

Rev. Jason Shelton (composer of Standing on the Side of Love and other pieces we sing) is presenting a choral workshop on August 25.  Nine people from choir are going.  I thought you might be interested too. Workshop: Cycle of Song Presenter: Rev. Jason Shelton Saturday, August 25th 9:30 – 5:00 UU Congregation at Montclair … Continued

Take a Look at Your Wall

Caryl Tipton, Director, Music Ministry I don’t know about you, but whenever I find a quote, bumper sticker, Facebook posting or anything that inspires me, I post it on a bulletin board above my desk at home (and in the church office). These items illuminate all the various aspects of my world, my heart and … Continued

Chi Yi Breathing

Caryl Tipton, Director, Music Ministry I can’t tell you how many times singers have said, “Sometimes I just don’t feel like coming to choir after a long day, but I’m always glad I did! I feel better and with more energy after singing!” Breathing is the foundation on which the singing voice is built and … Continued

Singers and Instruments Are Instrumental in Sunday Services

Throughout my time at UUCWC as Director of Music Ministry, I’ve asked myself why it’s so hard to find instrumentalists who are willing to play for a worship service. How do we get members/friends of the congregation to use their instrumental talents? How can we remove the dust that covers the case of a once … Continued

Choirs Bring a “Heart Connection” – Part Two

(Excerpted from “Choirs Bring a ‘Heart Connection’” by Donald E. Skinner in the Fall 2010 edition of UU World. Reprinted with permission of UU World © UUA) What would our Sunday mornings be like without our choir[s]? Fortunately, most of us will never have to find out. All across the country there are friends and … Continued

“Choirs Bring a ‘Heart Connection'” – Part One

by Caryl Tipton, Director, Music Ministry (Excerpts from Choirs Bring a ‘Heart Connection’ by Donald E. Skinner in the Fall 2010 edition of UU World. Reprinted with permission of UU World © UUA) Have you noticed a new addition to Crossings II in the Order of Service, ”Our Music Today”? Inspired by the work being … Continued