Capital Project Update – November 2020

The Capital Project Steering Committee is thrilled to report that we reached another milestone this week with the issuance of the civil, structural, architectural and mechanical/electrical/plumbing bid documents to five general contractors. Bids will be due on December 16 and a site walk through with the general contractors is to be conducted on December 1. 

The project scope of work has been expanded to include floor finishes in the current lobby, the hallways leading back to the ground and first floor classrooms and new floor and wall finishes for the Crossings room.   Although eliminating the trellis along the front of the building will allow us to redirect funds to better address issues inside the building, the bid cost vs the budget will determine if this work can be done along with the original planned renovations, or if it may need to happen later.

The Steering Committee has been working closely with MJ Hansen and John Harvi to define possible audio/visual upgrades in the sanctuary.  If funds elsewhere in the church budget are not available to cover these costs, we will need to consider funding through the Capital Campaign. The coronavirus pandemic has underscored the importance of having reliable high-quality audio/video ability in the sanctuary, and we believe this requirement will continue even once we are fully able to return to in-church activities.

Thank you so very much to all who have pledged and are continuing to pay their Capital Campaign pledges! AND PLEASE, if you have not yet had a chance to contribute, consider making a capital campaign contribution. We would love to hear from you!!

Jayme Trott and Susan Vigilante, Co-Chairs, Capital Campaign