Capital Campaign Update – What’s Happening


July was a busy month for the Strategic Vision Task Force (SVTF), as time has been spent collating all the input from congregational feedback regarding the visions of how to make our spiritual home even better. Since June, there have been five informational meetings and participation was active and enlightening.

Over 60 members have provided feedback and offered new ideas and suggestions to repair, improve and expand our church building and grounds to better meet our current and future needs. Proposed projects have received enthusiastic support and continue to be modified based on member suggestions. Proposals to date include:

  • Crossings Room repair and improvements- includes required repairs to the south wall, replacement of windows and door to outside, quieter HVAC
  • Creating 1080 sq.ft. of new space for offices, storage and multipurpose rooms by adding a second floor above the Crossings Room
  • Improve parking and landscaping
  • Kitchen expansion and remodeling
  • Sanctuary improvements- accessibility to the dais, better technology and lighting, refresh paint and flooring
  • Addition of one or two elevators to accommodate possible additions to make all spaces accessible.

What’s Next?

We are still in the visioning phase, but we have a better idea of what congregants are thinking. Now we need to take the initial steps toward assessing the feasibility of a capital campaign.

To do this, the congregation must first VOTE to move forward with a capital campaign!!! A Congregational Meeting is planned for Sunday, September 17th, to request approval to move forward with a Capital Campaign to refine plans and fund the proposed projects.

Between now and then, the members of the SVTF want to be sure you have all the information you need and every opportunity to provide additional input. Nothing is set in stone yet. We still want to hear from you. Email us at

Alternatively, share your ideas, questions, comments, through our link on the church website:

Tap one of us on the shoulder on Sunday morning- we are eager to hear from you!!

Task force members: Jayme Trott, Farzad Shadzik, Steve Saddlemire, Kevyn Malloy, Pete Rafle, George Faulkner, Steve Fishbein, Jim Sanders, and Holly Bussey.

We want to keep building on this early enthusiasm and look forward to your continued involvement. Stay tuned.