Capital Campaign/Project Update – January 2019

As we all share a collective sigh of relief that the parking improvements are mostly completed, the Building and Renovations sub-committee has moved on to the next stage of our capital improvement planning. We hired an architect, David B. Singer, who is developing schematics based on our list of needs and checking with the Township regarding what expansion opportunities might be permitted. There will be significant back-and-forth between our highly competent co-chairs (Mary Acciani and Farzad Shadzik) and the architect before we have renderings that can then be reviewed by additional internal experts, the Capital Campaign Steering Committee, and the Board of Trustees for their feedback.

We hope to have conceptual plans and preliminary pricing to share with the congregation by the end of the first quarter of 2019. An informational session will be planned for the congregation as soon as we have sufficient information to share!

If you haven’t yet made a commitment to support the Capital Project, please consider doing so. Recall that our original “wish list” came with a $1.7 million estimated price tag, and the goal we ultimately decided on (at the recommendation of our consultant) is $1.1 million. We have $920,000 pledged so far. The higher our pledge commitments, the more “wish list” items we will be able to include in the renovation plans.

Keep an eye out for news bulletins on the UUCWC website, the lobby screen, and these monthly Cross Currents updates!

by Jayme Trott, Co-Chair, Capttal Campaign