A Unique Time To Serve

Each spring the Staff and Nominating Committee come to you excited and hopeful about what new leadership might be discovered in the inevitable turnover of committee and ministry positions. We know that congregational life not only requires all of us but invites each of us into new ways of caretaking and personal growth. It is a reciprocal exchange, stewardship by service.

This year is in many ways like all other years, in that we will soon be hopeful that you – yes you! – will take on some new-to-you role at UUCWC. But of course, this year is not like any other year, as we try to do congregational life in these pandemic times; virtually, socially distanced; and knowing that all these forced changes will lead to choiceful changes, too. We are, in the midst of normalcy, reimaging church.

And so, one such way I am asking us to reimagine church right now is by throwing out the fiscal year’s timeline when it comes to service.

Many of our current leaders unknowingly said yes to serving our community in what would become the most trying and traumatic periods of our lives. Think of the ways the Worship Associates carried us into the very next Sunday having never used Zoom before? Think of how the Worship Tech Team has brought us beautiful images, video, music, etc – a team created in the midst of uncertainty and need! Do you know that when I returned from sabbatical the Personnel Committee had a renewed contract for me to consider; that they’ve helped us responsibly care for our employees, and are planning now for who will be needed in the years ahead?

The acute power of the early pandemic and Making Things Work has of course lessened, but our leaders – some new to this work, others new to the new work, and others quietly but committedly carrying on — they are rightfully tired, or at the very least looking for partners, and looking to share what they’ve learned.

This is a unique time to serve. It is full of creativity and energy for new ways of doing things. And next year will be similar. We are called – you, yes you! – for thinking outside the box; for making what is possible, come to be.

Some drew a more arduous leg of this relay race and we need not wait to pass the baton to those who may have energy and ideas. The list of current and upcoming spaces in the congregation that would benefit from your participation and/or leadership and be found on our website at this link. If you are curious about or interested in any of these spaces now or in the months to come, you can email me or Sandy Muccioli as part of the Nominating Committee. We welcome you now, later, for a full commitment, for a shorter one than proposed… we welcome you into new ways of doing church.

In gratitude,
Rev. Kim Wildszewski