From September 14, 2014 through May, Sunday services are at 9:15 am and 11:00 am.  During the summer, there is one service at 10:00am.

Childcare is available during services.

Services last for about one hour; dress is casual and children are welcome.

We strive to make our facility welcoming and our services supportive. We actively work to remove barriers to participation:

  • Reserved parking for people with disabilities is in front of the church
  • Our building is wheelchair accessible and has a wheelchair lift
  • We offer large-print hymnals and hearing aids
  • Child care is provided for children up to age 3 in the nursery at both services
  • Coffee hours often include offerings for people with special dietary needs
  • You will be greeted at the door with a smile and treated with warmth and dignity, whether this is your first visit or if you have been with us for many years

Religious education classes are offered during the 9:15 am and 11:00 am services from September through early June. A summer program is offered for children ages 3–10 from mid-June – September. If you are the caregiver of a child with disabilities, please do not hesitate to let us know how we can help your child participate in activities.

All services are followed by a coffee hour so we can meet more informally. If you visit us, please join us for fellowship after the service so we may welcome you properly and get to know you. We have several programs to help newcomers and prospective members learn more about Unitarian Universalism and UUCWC.

Please Note: Our two service schedule (9:15am -and 11:00am) will resume on September 14.

September 7: “Water Ingathering Service”
Rev. Kim Wildszewski
Join together for our annual multigenerational Water Ingathering service, where we mark the beginning of another year of discovery, service, and making a life together. Remember to bring water from your home or places you’ve visited!

September 14: “A People of Promise”
Rev. Kim Wildszewski
September’s theme asks the question, “What does it mean to be a people of promise?” Join Rev. Kim as we explore our covenantal theology, grounded in the power of promise to oneself, others, and the sacred.

September 21: “A Congregation of Promise”
Nina Todor, Peter Rafle
One of UUCWC’s best kept secrets is its Committee on Ministry (COM).  COM helps our community be our best selves by working through the hard parts of relationships.  There is no group more suited to speak to the spiritual practices of promises, promise breaking, and rebuilding our covenantal (sacred promise) practices.  Join Nina Todor and Peter Rafle as we deepen the conversation on what it means to be a People of Promise.

September 28: “Good Luck, New Jersey”
Rev. Kim Wildszewski
244 years ago, John Murray was said to have brought the theology of Universalism to America. As we continue to explore our theme of “promise,” and being a “people of promise”, we will remember the legacy we are invited to live still today.