The Promise and the Practice of Our Faith

On King Sunday, we take this day to choicefully listen to the stories in our own movement that have not been heard or taken to heart by all UUs. We center the voices of people of color and celebrate a shared commitment to live into a new chapter in the story of our UU Faith.

One Wild and Precious Life: Annual Decades Service

Nine members of the congregation, representing nine different decades of life, offer their reflections on Mary Oliver’s poem, The Summer Day, sharing what they plan to do with their one wild and precious life. As it was last year, the first year we presented a Decades Service, this is an inspirational and motivational celebration of … Continued

Lessons and Carols

We gather again to celebrate the Christmas Story; the hope of birth and the miracle of life.

Born In Bethlehem: A Christmas Pageant

Join us for a participatory nativity pageant during our family Christmas service.  Only a few roles are cast in advance of the service, the rest of the at least 27 participants (including shepherds, stars, kings, and animals) take part as the story is told. Everyone is invited to sing carols and gaze at a baby … Continued

A Light of Hope

In the depth of Hanukkah, we celebrate the light this community creates and knows as sustenance. New Members from 2017 will also be recognized in a ceremony and celebration of covenant and light.   Listen here:

Where Does Jesus “Fit In”?

Jesus: Human or Divine? Derived from an excellent sermon heard by Bob Bray at the UU Church of Loudoun (UUCL), excerpts of that sermon will be used with the full permission of the sermon’s author and of the UUCL.   December Theme: Hope Hope doesn’t just whisper “It will be different,” it also shouts “It … Continued

Hanging of the Greens

Join once again in our annual Hanging of the Greens multigenerational celebration! In honor of the pagan appreciation and rituals of the evergreen, together we will sing, decorate, and come together to deck our sanctuary halls.   There is no podcast from this participatory service.   December Theme: Hope Hope doesn’t just whisper “It will … Continued

Abundant Blessing or What More Did I Think I Wanted?

One service at 10:00am.  Multi-generational Choir singing.  I am doing more sawing and splitting wood as well as gardening than preaching sermons. Spending so much time outside reminds me of the natural abundance which generally exists at least in our part of the globe. I am under no illusion such an abundant of natural blessings … Continued

Grace Out Loud

Reflections on giving thanks, prayer, meditation, and Thanksgiving.  The Crossing Chorale will be singing. Listen here: