Sermon on the Amount

Let’s kick off our Stewardship season with joy and celebration as we consider the risk of committing ourselves to this community and the tradition for which we gather.   Listen to the sermon here:

What’s Life Without an Edge?

Join us in celebrating our High School Youth Group as they lead us in worship this Sunday on the topic of taking risks.

On the Side of Love

The lyrics to one of our beloved hymns, Standing on the Side of Love, have been rewritten. As we introduce a new theme of Risk, let’s take this Sunday to consider our Candle of Fellowship on Accessibility and the ways in which risking inclusion means risking not always getting it right.   Listen here:

Inner Light

As Parker Palmer says, we are afraid that our inner light will be extinguished or our inner darkness exposed, let’s spend one more Sunday with the theme of Identity, speaking of the risk in knowing who we are.   Listen Here:

Each of Us Has a Name

If each of us has a name, what is yours? Who has named you? How might you wish to be known? Let’s continue the exploration of the spiritual depths of Identity.   Listen here:

State of the State

As we kick off a monthly theme of Identity, let’s take a moment to look at who UUCWC is and who we are becoming. The challenges and the opportunities, the bumps and the invitations. What is the state of the state?   Listen to the sermon here:

Spirituality and Diversity

Friend of UUCWC, Angelo Lewis, will lead this service on the ways in which our spirituality deepens when met with diversity. Please read the UUCWC water advisory for today at

To Belong

It’s the Sunday after the inauguration. Millions will have celebrated. Millions will have marched. At UUCWC it’s also our New Member Sunday. What does it mean to belong?   Listen to the sermon here:

A Community of Prophecy

On this Martin Luther King Jr Sunday, let us gather in honor of King, and open our hearts once more to his prophetic voice that speaks to us today. Listen to this sermon:

Music Ministry

In honor of Caryl Tipton, our Director of Music Ministry for 25 years, gather in celebration, thanksgiving, and praise for the ministry of music. Join us for coffee and cake following the one service at 10am.