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A Pastoral Note From Rev. Kim – November 6, 2017

This past Sunday I preached a sermon on “only the good stuff” in the world. Though inspired by three congregants, it was a gentle olive branch to all of us. The first, a man who lovingly offered how hard it is to come into the congregation knowing I’ll name many of the things he’s trying … Continued

What Would Your Thesis Be For Unitarian Universalism?

As you may recall from my October 22nd sermon on a (UU) Reformation, this October was the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. The story goes, Martin Luther, a Catholic Priest, is offended by the Catholic Church’s insistence that members pay for their absolution; their forgiveness. The overt corruption has him wringing his hands and … Continued

Faith Forward

It has been an exciting few weeks at UUCWC, especially having kicked off two services and the Middle Hour with the recent Committee and Ministry Fair! The Middle Hour is an opportunity for both first and second services to gather for community, spiritual deepening, and the work of the church. Already we’ve had the Multigenerational … Continued

Services Will Be at 9am and 11am

Each year as we meet the fall again, it never fails that I hear the twinge of heartache from many in the congregation – how nice it’s been to be under one roof, for one service. If I’d ever consider returning to one 10am service year-round. It’s such a lovely heartache, as heartaches go: the … Continued

A Word From Rev. Kim Regarding Our Banner

Dear Members and Friends of UUCWC, As many of you know, last Sunday morning during service a handmade banner was placed next to our own. The “rebuttal” banner offered line by line alternatives to each of our UUCWC statements. It was not aggressive; it was thought out. Below you can find a letter to the … Continued

This is the Story We Tell

This is the story we tell each year. Nobert Capek is one of the great names of our tradition. He was a Baptist, then a Heretic, and then much later, the man who founded Unitarianism in the Czech Republic during World War II after learning of it here in Orange, NJ. It is because of … Continued

Be Gentle to Everybody

Last week a small ant crawled across our kitchen floor.  It was fast for such a tiny thing and I wouldn’t have seen it, or noticed it, or been able to give it much attention except that Tobias’s eyes grew larger as the speck moved between his feet. And soon, as curiosity became fear, my … Continued

Invitation to Get Connected

Years ago I watched as a beloved and tenured minister moved into a time of great change in his congregation.  If nothing else, it was challenging.  The change wasn’t financial or membership growth.  It wasn’t the joy of commitment.  And yet, it was necessary and ultimately good healthy change. In an effort to stay connected … Continued

Info Sessions with Rev. Kim

As the congregation continues to grow and change, Rev. Kim recognizes the difficulty in being informed and understanding how the congregation is currently taking shape. In an effort to keep folks connected Rev. Kim will hold three opportunities to ask questions, offer feedback, and simply be heard on the following dates:  March 23rd, March 29th, … Continued

UUCWC’s Ministerial Resident

On Sunday, March 5th, Pam Shadzik, Acting President of UUCWC, announced an exciting next step for our congregation. Her announcement, along with additional words from Rev. Kim, are below. “It is with huge joy and enthusiasm that I share the news that we have made an offer (that has been accepted) to Susan Talcott Flynn … Continued