Your Change for Change

In response to the national coin shortage (yes, it’s a thing), UUCWC’s Faith Action Ministry (FAM) is partnering with our Religious Education (RE) to turn your extra coins into stamps to support our UU the Vote initiatives.

Here’s how it works: email FAM@uucwc and let us know that you have Change for Change. We will pick it up (or you can take it to a drop off location in PA or NJ). Our children and youth will roll it and cash in the rolls to the bank. We will use the cash to buy stamps to help get out the vote in swing states and states with rampant voter suppression.

Some stores are now only allowing credit card purchases, which disadvantages the low-income families that don’t have credit cards. Some businesses are refusing to give change when exact payment isn’t made. This is not okay. We all need to work quickly to get enough change back into circulation so that this exploitative practice ends.

So look under those couch cushions and do your part!