What’s In Your Backpack?

Recently I ended my sermon with an ask to each of you:

And so, I ask that in the days and months and year to come, you help me remember all the ways we must be, want to be, faithful. I ask that we keep one another accountable to the faith that too many – too many of us – believe is just community. I ask that we each bring our accountability, and our curiosity, too; to stretch ourselves outside of how we might normally name or practice our Unitarian Universalism; the Good News, the heart’s holding, that we are called to, saved by, and through which we can offer some saving grace every day.

May we show up. May we use our power and privilege for justice as much as mercy. And may we each have the time, companionship, and bravery to care for whatever depletion, meanness or grief we carry. Done together, and in the spirit of kinship as an act of faith, we just may save some portion of this great and beautiful world.

It is the time of year in which many of us are getting ready for back to school, back to teaching, back to a more rigorous routine. We are making to-do lists and making sure everything we need is in our literal or metaphorical backpacks. As we prepare for our own renewal at UUCWC this fall, I ask that you don’t only bring your accountability or curiosity, but a backpack full of preparation for this year. Here is some of what I hope we bring.

  • Water for our upcoming Water Communion
  • A chalice for your home or dinner table
  • A grace or word of thanks to say before a meal; the UU Welcome Primer is an excellent resource for this! And Rev. Kim has many for you to have in her office.
  • Some tape to hang up the weekly reflection questions in your car, on your mirror, refrigerator or desk
  • Money for the Financial Affirmation and a willingness to be moved by the Financial Affirmation or Sunday experience before knowing how much you might give
  • Know how to add contacts to your phone so after a great Fellowship Hour conversation you can continue it outside of church
  • A “Side with Love” t shirt or poster board for your home or march
  • A family member or friend who will join you or encourage you to come on a Sunday or join an Adult RE class
  • Self-care provisions: whole foods, watching the kids on our playground, sharing a meal with a stranger or friend, a well-loved book you can return to …

What have I missed? I’d love to hear from you.