What’s Brewing?

Are you a coffee drinker? Do you like the coffee served during Sunday’s fellowship hour? Most of that coffee is “Fair Trade” and Certified Organic. It’s what!?

Fair Trade coffee is purchased directly from farmers or their co-ops, guaranteeing them a fair price. Organic coffee is grown without synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, which can be harmful to farmers, wildlife, and soil resources. This coffee is more expensive, so for the past 16 years, the proceeds from Earth Ministry’s Organic Product Sales have paid for Fellowship coffee, a total of 605 pounds with a value of over $4,800. Meanwhile, for every pound of product we purchase, our supplier, Equal Exchange, donates $0.20 to the UU Service Committee, and this has totaled $800.

Your support for our “Organic Product Sales” is vital for us to continue providing these benefits to UUCWC, our “Green” Sanctuary. Please stop at our table, every other Sunday, and buy some coffee, tea, chocolate, or olive oil

By Al Johnson, Co-Chair
Earth Ministry