Welcome is a Verb

“Churches often believe they are friendly churches because their members are friendly to one another. But they don’t think about walking in the shoes of first-time guests. Welcoming those new to the church has to be the constant and intentional posture of the ENTIRE CONGREGATION.”

That’s a quote from a church builder. Being welcoming is the responsibility of the entire congregation. Each of us has the privilege of bringing others into community. What we offer is valuable beyond measure. Warmth. Relationship. A deep desire to grow spiritually, the opportunity to serve others, social connection and so much more.

UUCWC is a friendly place but we can learn to be more welcoming. I would like to ask each of you to try to meet a visitor or introduce yourself to someone you do not know. Sit with a new person and answer any questions he/she may have. Talk to the lone person at coffee hour looking for a friendly face.

Maybe, just maybe, if we learn how to do be more welcoming in this place, we can take that knowledge out into the world and help to change it for the better.