We Need to Hear From You About the Article II Project

by Holly Bussey, Liaison, Denominational Affairs

In a separate article, we introduced our GA delegates. This team represents UUCWC in important issues at a national level. This year is super important and we’re hoping to hear from the congregation about one very important issue—the proposal to move from our Statement of Purposes and Principles to Value Statements as our foundation. This is known as the Article II Project.

The discussions surrounding the proposed changes to Article II began three years ago. The proposal is a coordinated outgrowth of the 8th Principle project whose intention was to add an 8th principle to the existing seven to incorporate commitments to dismantle systems that reinforce racial oppression. However, it became clear that our 7 Principles were very limiting and quite biased in approach (based in white culture). With the blessing of Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism and other groups, a Study Commission was formed to address all the principles, including the commitment to racial justice envisioned by the proposed 8th Principle.

WHERE ARE WE? At this year’s GA, there will be discussions on the current status of the proposed VALUES statement. This is not a wordsmithing discussion but rather an opportunity to receive information from congregations about what they are thinking in this process.

Consider taking a few moments to look at the following resources for a good summary of a very important and complicated issue:

While there is a ton of information available, your delegates will be offering time for you to tell us what you think! We hope to host Listening Circles on Zoom or in person in May, so stay tuned for more information. You can always share your thoughts with us at DA@uucwc.org.

We need to hear from YOU UU!