UUCWC’s Meditation Trails

by Steve Saddlemire, Co-Chair, Grounds Committee

Have you ever wanted to “get away” from it all for a few moments and just spend some time reflecting on the important events in your life? Well UUCWC has just what you’re looking for! Winding along the outside edge of the church property are two meditation trails which allow for a leisurely walk in the woods to collect your thoughts or just breath the cool fall air or listen to what nature has to offer. The “short” trail starts next to the dumpster enclosure and hugs the property retention basin coming out at the far end of the parking lot. The “long” trail starts at the same location but bends to the right and proceeds along the river exiting next to the playground. It’s a beautiful walk in the woods accompanied by the sounds of bird singing and a flowing stream. The leaves are changing color and the bugs are gone so take a few moments and enjoy on either of our two trails.