UUCWC Supports a Friend in Need

HomeFront, our longtime partner, is experiencing unprecedented challenges due to the dramatic societal changes brought about by the current Pandemic. Connie Mercer, HomeFront Founder & CEO, has estimated a $650,000 deficit by mid-May!

In response to this emergency, UUCWC will be donating a $1500 as an emergency contribution to HomeFront. This action was approved by Faith Expression and Funding Team a part of the Council for Faith in Action, at the request of the Social Action Ministry.

HomeFront will be using the funds to make bulk purchases of food, diapers and baby formula. With their spring fundraising events canceled, they are reaching out to the community for assistance.

In addition, HomeFront is experiencing a dramatic increase in new clients and expects even more. Some past clients in permanent housing are now in need because of pandemic related layoffs. In recent days, the lines of people waiting for bags of food stretched across their parking lot.

While this amount may seem small, if each one of HomeFront’s community partners comes through we can help them to continue to serve their many clients through this crisis.

We hope to do more if UUCWC’s financial situation remains stable. Thank you for your support. The funds for this effort come from your contribution to the plate. Please send your contributions so that we can continue this outreach to the larger community.