UU FaithAction NJ – Legislative Priorities for 2017-2018

The following is a list of legislative priorities for 2017-2018 for each of UU FaithAction NJ’s task forces. This list was generated at our annual Fall Issues Conference. It is arrived at by consensus, generally, by those in attendance and in accordance with UU FaithAction NJ policies and practices.  (As a reminder, the UU Legislative Ministry of New Jersey recently changed their name to UU FaithAction NJ).

Immigration Reform
Chair: Ted J. Fetter – fetter4@verizon.net (Princeton)
Vice Chair: TBA

  • Drivers Licenses for Undocumented Persons

Reproductive Justice
Chair: Carol Loscalzo – Closcalzo2@aol.com (Ridgewood)
Vice Chair: TBA

  • Confidentiality Program for Reproductive Health Service Employees/Clients
  • Anti-Shackling Bill (in tandem with Criminal Justice TF)

Environmental Justice
Chair: Nancy Griffeth – ndgriffeth@mac.com (Beacon/Summit)
Vice Chair: Ray Nichols

  • Select and support a Renewable Energy Portfolio standard
  • Address the problem of lead in NJ water
  • Promote low-income Community Solar in NJ

Economic Justice
Chair: Jerry Fried – jerryfriedhome@gmail.com (Montclair)
Vice Chair: TBA

  • Affordable Housing
  • Additional issues as decided by a reconvened EJTF

Gun Violence Prevention
Chair:Jeannine Clayton-Coyne – jeanninemcoyne@yahoo.com (Cherry Hill)
Vice Chair: TBA

  • Tracking Concealed Carry Reciprocity bill (HR38)
  • Tracking Silencer bill (HR 367)
  • Support reintroduction of Federal assault weapons ban
  • Support universal background checks legislation

Criminal Justice Reform
Chair: Susan MacDonnell – susmacdonn@gmail.com (Princeton)
Vice Chair: TBA

  • Racial and Ethnic Impact Statement
  • Parole Reform
  • Special Prosecutor
  • Solitary/Isolated Confinement

Download this list as a pdf.