The UCCWC Board of Trustees Goals for the 2017-2018 Church Year

by Marianne Alt, President

At its fall retreat in September, the board discussed our goals for the church year. It was a discussion that took longer than anticipated – a few months – as we sought to create a vision for the future by listening to what we were hearing from you, the congregation.

  • We saw early on, thanks to the keen eye of Nathalie Edmond, that themes were coming to the surface.
  • We want to be sure to take the time notice or observe what does and doesn’t work.
  • We want to celebrate what makes us a strong community.
  • We want to accept each other’s differences as strengths.
  • We want to have the courage to change so all members can flourish.

This table is the result of our discussion, work and reflection. As we move through the year together please feel free to respond to the goals with suggestions for additional activities that are in line with these goals or further contributions the board could make to meet them.

You may contact the board at