What to Do with Our Broken Hearts

This Sunday we turn to the wisdom of Sufi mystics and poets like Rumi and Hafiz, who speak of the world and of the sacred, as a bound of friendship. Farzad Shadzik will provide our music!   Listen here:

Spirit of Life

Why it matters that every Sunday we affirm the “Spirit of Life”. How does it inspire me to have greater perseverance in our faith values, especially in times of the long night. How might this mystery be meaningful to all of us.

The Holding of Your Heart

When Valentine’s Day falls in the monthly theme of Perseverance, we look this Sunday to a working definition of love and our place in it. We celebrate Fortune’s Ridge as our musicians.   Listen here:

Public Theology

Everything about how we do Unitarian Universalism is public theology. On this Sunday, we revisit old stories from which we are still learning, and consider how we might move into the future as a faith. What decisions will we make? How will we go about this? What does it mean to hold this power and … Continued