Topic: Nurturing Beauty

Nurturing Beauty

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What is beauty? Where does it live? How does it exist? And why is it a “human calling,” as the poet John O’Donohue has written? This Sunday we joyfully dedicate and bless two of our children and the village that holds … read more.

On Visibility, Language and Love

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In this service we name and affirm the beauty that exists within and because of the trans and non-binary people in our lives. Join us as we ritualize and re-introduce those among us with their correct pronouns, names and personhood.

The Sacred Act of Generations in Conversation

Join Rev. Kim and three members of different generations as they make their way through questions and reflections in pursuit of understanding and connection across the generations.

This week, Robin Pugh, Director of Lifespan Faith Engagement, will also offer a virtual Family Chapel from 9-9:30am.To attend, click here