This is the Story We Tell

This is the story we tell each year.

Nobert Capek is one of the great names of our tradition. He was a Baptist, then a Heretic, and then much later, the man who founded Unitarianism in the Czech Republic during World War II after learning of it here in Orange, NJ. It is because of him that every year at this time, Unitarian Universalists gather for our annual Flower Communion.

It is said that Norbert put a big table in the middle of the worship space and on it he put a large vase.  The vase represented the Unitarian church, which helped everyone in the congregation share the beauties of life.  Each person had been told to bring a flower along that Sunday, and each put his or her flower in the vase.

In his sermon that week, Norbert talked about how each and every flower was different, just like every member of the congregation.  And yet, they all belonged together in one community, equally beautiful.  He said that when they gave the best that was in them for the good of everyone, they were able to do together what no one person could do alone.

I thank each and every person for the beauty they bring each Sunday and every day to UUCWC. We have done remarkable things the last ten months, and more is undoubtedly to come — not come September, mind you, but right now, this summer, still growing in root and blossom.

The leadership, passion, commitment and generosity of this congregation astounds me. Capek couldn’t have imagined a more beautiful community than this.