Sunday, August 28 – Animal Blessing – Multi-generational service

Sunday, August 28, 2016
One service at 10am – Multi-generational service
“Animal Blessing”
Rev. Kim Wildszewski

UUCWC’s first ever Animal Blessing!
A beloved tradition held in many UU congregations and inspired by the ministry of St. Francis and our own 7th Principle. Come this Sunday with pet or picture, water bowl or leash!

Where? (Also heard as: But our carpets!)
We will be gathering outside between the Memorial Garden and the Playground; a few chairs will be set up for those who need them. If bringing a pet or coming with only your human family, we ask that you respect our Memorial Garden as a sacred space and not an additional play place, or area to walk your pets. And for all our grounds and those who use them, please don’t forget to bring a baggie for those animals that might leave a blessing of their own.

Will it feel like a regular Sunday at all?
This service will be about 40 minutes and will include a chalice lighting, brief homily, great music, financial affirmation and yes, a blessing for each animal or symbol brought forward.

What if my animal can’t travel? What if I don’t have a pet? What if my pet has passed?
This is a celebration of all animals. If your pet is other-pet-friendly, do bring them! If not, maybe a picture or a water bowl will do. If your beloved animal has passed, perhaps you’d like to bring a picture or collar or something else that represents them. If you have a love for the wild, you might wish to have an image of an eagle or a whale blessed (there will be water, just not that much water!).

What do you mean by “blessed”?
Just like for our children, the unions we celebrate, new homes we enter, or our loved ones who have passed, this blessing will be given by the water we accumulated during last year’s Water Communion service accompanied by words given by your minister, Rev. Kim or your DLRE, Robin Pugh.

All children will be with us for the entire service (Nursery will still be open for children under 3). Please bring chairs or blankets as there will be a limited amount of folding chairs available.

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