Still Apart and Still Very Much Together

Here we are. Still apart and yet, still very much together. Congregating virtually to support FUNdraising through our annual auction, to worship, and to celebrate the return of our beloved minister, Rev. Kim. Creating invisible, tangible webs of support as we navigate life-altering losses of jobs, of dreams, and of loved ones. “Malcolm Allistair Wildszewski has returned to the stars.” In this shattering moment, Rev. Kim was generous and poetic, giving us a gift of painful beauty to describe the end of Malcolm’s life. We continue to grieve deeply with Tara, Kim and Tobias. We follow their lead to support them as they want and need, helping them realize moments of grace, love, and respite from bone-deep sorrow. Still very much together.

Laying on of hands at Rev. Kim’s installation service

In the words of Rev. Craig Hirshberg, “We continue to continue.” We do the work of the church, we take care of each other, we take of ourselves. The Board of Trustees is working closely with the staff and all concerned ministries and committees to ensure that we move forward with worship, pastoral care, fiscal planning, personnel management, the Annual Congregational Meeting, the Capital Project, social justice work, and all programming. Members and friends are creating moments of connection in a variety of beautiful ways. Our spirit continues. Our pastoral care members are trying to reach out to those in need. If your own spirit is flagging, please connect with them at

We are also looking forward. What will church look like in 3, 6 or 12 months? When will it make sense to return to the physical building for the work of the church? The Board of Trustees, in conversation with staff and other committees and ministries, has determined that we will plan on holding virtual services through December 2020. This decision to keep the building closed except to staff will be reviewed quarterly. We look forward to seeing Rev. Kim at our annual meeting on June 7.

This is a challenging time of ever-changing information. It requires flexibility and the ability to pivot. To absorb hard truths and still be able to imagine a bright future. To keep an eye out for possibility, to see the cup half-full. In fact, at UUCWC, our cup overflows with courage, compassion, and creativity. We are a strong, healthy community that cares deeply about each other and the world. Our most valuable resource, our people, remain connected through our covenant. We continue to continue…to create community, celebrate life, and change the world.

in faith and with care,
Marianne Alt, Vice President
UUCWC Board of Trustees