Speaker: Pauline Nijander

Change and Growth

One of life’s constants is that things will always change. The question, then, is what do we do with things when they change in ways we were not expecting? That’s where the opportunity for growth comes into our lives, giving us a potential gift toward … read more.

Rehumanizing the Other

It can seem pretty difficult to build community in a world where society tends to dehumanize the “other.” Is this particular pattern of dehumanization new, or has it been around for a while? Join us this Sunday as we explore the rehumanization of those who are different from us. … read more.

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

In recent times, members of the LGBTQIA+ community have come under direct fire from individuals and groups that, in an effort to score cheap political points, seek to take away the agency of LGBTQIA+ youth and adults. Join us for this Sunday as we delve … read more.

Finding the Holy Within

The Hindu faith tradition believes that the holy resides within each of us and in every living being. How can we use this knowledge in how we interact with those around us? With those we don’t agree with? With the living world around us? Join … read more.

Food for Thought

We’ve all asked the question, “What do you want to eat?” But have we truly thought about what it is that we eat and the effect that our food production has on people, animals, and the world as a whole? Join us on this Sunday … read more.