The Importance of Faith Communities in a Democratic Republic

The long and brutal election season has left many of us wounded and concerned for the direction that the United States is moving in. It’s become clear that many have lost hope for the U.S. as a democratic republic. But throughout the country, faith communities have been practicing grassroots democracy for decades, moving local societies toward a more just and compassionate way of interacting. Let’s reflect on the challenges ahead of us and ask what we can do as faith communities to move the country back toward a democratic republic.

Steve Santos Belo is an adjunct professor of Philosophy, World Religions, and Public Administration. He’s an organizer with Newark Community Collaborative Board, where he works with researchers, service providers, and community members in responding to substance abuse and recidivism through critical consciousness and capacity building. He’s a recent graduate of Princeton Seminary and a former ministerial intern at the Princeton congregation.

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