A Politics of Justice

Now more than any time since the twin scandals of Watergate and the Pentagon Papers, politics seem further and further away from a shared understanding of what constitutes “the common good.”  UUs can play a pivotal role in bringing the best of two powerful forces to bear on our political commonwealth: the politics of justice and ethic of compassion. A sermon about our call to bend the arc of justice in our personal and social lives closer and closer to our ideals of love and mercy.


Rev. Rob Gregson is the Executive Director of the newly-renamed Unitarian Universalist FaithAction New Jersey, formerly the UU Legislative Ministry of NJ.  UU FaithAction NJ is the social justice and public policy ministry representing every UU congregation across the state.

Prior to his work with UU FaithAction NJ, Rev. Gregson co-founded and directed SimpleGifts: Unitarian Centre for Social Justice, an immigrant/elderly community center and social justice training program based in East London in the United Kingdom.  He has served congregations in rural Hunterdon County, NJ and North London, UK.  Rev. Gregson currently resides in South Orange, NJ with his two children.


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