Safe Singing

by Caryl Tipton, Director, Music Ministry

Our accompanist, Steve Ryan, and I have had emails/comments with concern about not wearing a mask at times while providing music for services on Sunday.

We are very aware of the many factors of COVID spread and especially singing. Steve and I take this very seriously and talk about it each time we sing/play. We have both been very cautious at our homes and everyday lives and would never do anything to put the other in danger.

When I sang for the Water Ceremony, we discussed this again. I placed myself differently, rather than behind the piano next to Steve or beside the piano sitting down. We worked it out that we were 6 feet apart, I was singing out towards the sanctuary, rather than anywhere near him and that he would wear a mask. He said he was comfortable with our plan.

It’s very hard to sing and/or play piano in a mask. We’ve tried different scenarios each Sunday with social distancing and to follow correct COVID protocols.

In the meantime, I have found something called the “singer’s mask.” It is much stiffer, farther away from the face so that the mask doesn’t suck into your mouth every time you take a breath, and with ventilation so you can take a deeper breath of oxygen. Although this offers other concerns (obstructing view of the music and keyboard)…we’ll give it a try.

We want to thank you all for your concern. Stay safe and be well!