“Religious Education” is Now “Faith Engagement”

In August, the Board affirmed my request for a change of title to Director of Lifespan Faith Engagement. “Faith Engagement” is the name of the UUA office that supports faith development for children, youth and adults.  Why the name change from “religious education”? The term “religious education” connotes a 1950’s style of education with teachers lecturing to students at desks. This does not, and has not, reflected the experience in our classes for children or adults for some time.   

Faith Engagement better describes how UU’s grow in their faith – by engaging with it. Additionally, “Faith Engagement” does not limit where faith development occurs. It is not only in the classroom.  Faith Engagement is all that we say, do and feel in our congregation.

The title change also reflects my new additional role in working with Kim on membership ministry and connecting opportunities for long term and new members. This additional role is a natural extension of my work promoting adult learning opportunities. It is all faith engagement.