Racial Justice Ministry

The Racial Justice Ministry is responsible for ensuring the implementation of the 8th Principle at UUCWC. We see our goal as supporting individuals on their journey to becoming active advocates/accomplices for bringing about racial justice. We also hold the organization accountable to integrating a racial justice lens in all policy and practices of the church.

Our activities for CY’19/20 include supporting:

  • committee/ministry self-assessment on how they are integrating racial justice into their activities;
  • The Religious Education Program in providing a continuum of educational and peer support opportunities that help congregants move intentionally from building awareness to becoming an active advocate/accomplice;
  • The development of community workshops that increase our own expertise while collaborating with others on this journey;
  • The development of a policy on the expectations of future church leaders in role modeling the 8th principle;
  • Other social justice teams in the church as part of the Council for Faith in Action.

Contact Co-chairs Regina Podhorin Zilinski or Chris Marietti at CFA@uucwc.org if you would like to learn more or become involved in our work.

Read Rev. Kim’s article, Reset: Council for Faith in Action.