A Place to Grow, A Path To Leadership

by Geri Koblis, Chair, Nominating Committee

As a new member, UUCWC was presented to me as a place where I could grow. How excited I felt at the possibilities to try new things, to venture beyond the pigeon hole of my daily life. I might discover talents that I never even knew I had!

Growing up, I was the youngest child in my family where I learned best how to defer, how to follow. In the fall of 2000 I was a shy and unconfident new member of UUCWC. Over time I had encouragement and support and many enriching experiences at UUCWC, from tossing a boa around my neck and dancing in the Rainbow Cabaret, to serving on the board. Through my involvements, I gained leadership skills and (still) have opportunities to be a leader. Also over time, I increasingly came to understand there is such a spiritual value in working with other members on a committee.

Serving on or leading can be a way to connect and grow. Everyone who enters the doors of our UUCWC community brings their unique temperament, skills, talents and quest. How do new members get connected to the many opportunities to grow and show their talents? For some, the time is right away- to get in there and get involved. For others, more time may be needed to gradually get the lay of the land and decide where they want to spend their time and effort.

Nominating Committee has been part of the conversation on congregational life which asks the question-how do we help members find the right fit with where they are in their journey and how do we help with a path to healthy leadership?

Opportunities for serving at UUCWC include the Board of Trustees, standing committees and ministries. Members are nominated to serve on the Board and serve as Chairpersons for standing Committees. A slate of these nominees is presented at the spring Annual Congregational Meeting for a congregational vote. On the first few pages of the UUCWC Directory a listing can be found that includes the names of those serving on the Board, committees and ministries.

Whether you are a newer member or someone who has been at UUCWC for years, there are opportunities to serve and lead. How does a member become a leader? Ideally, this happens by participating on a committee and becoming familiar with the mission and function of the committee. Committees are encouraged to reach out to, share and invite new and interested members to join their committee. Committee chairs are encouraged to think ahead and help prepare for transitions in leadership. The Membership Committee informs newer members about opportunities to join. Overall, the nominating process requires careful thought, sensitivity and respect with hopes that leaders will have a rewarding and fulfilling experience at UUCWC.

If you or someone you know would like more information about the path to leadership, I would be happy to assist you as best I can. I can be contacted at nominating@uucwc.org.