Parking Update

Susan Irgang, Administrator

As reported at this year’s Annual Meeting, our parking improvement project has gained momentum. With the inclusion of parking in the Capital Campaign and generous funding by this congregation, the Parking Task Force was able to take the next steps on our parking project.

We have hired an engineering firm to survey, design construction site plans and create reports on drainage, etc., required for the approvals from the final governing agencies. We have met again with the Delaware Raritan Canal Commission to discuss specific products that are acceptable to them in order to have the greatest leeway in selection and pricing of permeable paving materials. We also met with a contractor/consultant to discuss the scope of the project and options in products.

Based on this information, our engineering firm has created documents noted above and submitted applications to the remaining agencies whose approvals are needed. While we await the review and approval process, we will create a scope of work, review specific products and create a bid package on the work to be done so we are ready to move ahead once approvals are secured. We hope that approvals will be wrapped up by the fall, and work can be completed before winter.

Thanks to our Parking Task Force (Farzad Shadzik, Steve Saddlemire and Bob Busch), we are proceeding rapidly and efficiently through these next steps toward parking improvement.