Notes From the UUCWC Board

It is hard to fathom that we’ve not been together in the UUCWC Sanctuary for nineteen months.  Some newer members have never entered the building. Yet, this community continues to defy national church membership trends even during the worst pandemic of our lifetimes.  It is with this same persistence and commitment that your Board of Trustees continues to meet and work towards the eventual time when we will reconvene safely at 268 Washington Crossing-Pennington Road.

The Board met (virtually) for its fall retreat in late September and exited with a list of seven high level goals for this fiscal year.  Summarily, they are:

1. Discerning the Congregation’s Mission and Vision
2. Holding the Fiduciary Responsibility
3. Capturing Institutional Wisdom by Generating Policy
4. Assessing the Health of the Congregation
5. Planning for the Congregation’s Future
6. Building and Maintaining Relationships

7. Transforming the Congregational Culture

These are still in “draft” form and being refined.  I share them here to show the depth and breadth of thought that your Board is considering.

Many of us (congregants) have served on the Board of Trustees or in other leadership roles within the congregation.  It has been many years since my prior Board service and much has changed. I think the shift would be noticeable to anyone stepping into the “Board Room” (which, of course, remains virtual).  Leadership at UUCWC is strong and focused. I am confident that this Board will make measurable progress in addressing its goals.  There is an energy about direction and outcomes that is so positive that not succeeding is out of the question.  I believe my optimism and hopes are shared by my fellow Board Members.

The Board welcomes your questions and support.  Look for an upcoming session of “Board Chat” where time will be established to answer questions and take feedback in a relaxed, conversational atmosphere.

Joe Schenk, Treasurer for the Board of Trustees