Need Help?

Unemployment, hunger, separation and loneliness, sickness, fear, misery, despair. It’s amazing how much havoc can be wrought in our human society by a little particle, so small that we can only visualize it through the lens of an electron microscope.

Equally amazing is the response our human spirit can bring to bear. We have faith; WE WILL SURVIVE THIS CRISIS. We have hope; WHAT WE HAVE LEARNED WILL NOT BE LOST. We have love; WE WILL HELP EACH OTHER.
In this spirit of love our church members are seeking ways in which they can bring help to those in need. As we gather our resources we need to know (in confidence) who, among our congregants, needs help. If you, or a member of your family is hurting – short of food or in financial straits – please let us help you. You can reach us at, a confidential site that can be read by only four people, each a trusted leader of our church.

Please do not hesitate to reach out. Allow your fellow congregants to experience the blessing and privilege of lightening your burden.