Natural Cosmology Discussion Feb. 28

The Natural Cosmology Discussion Group meets on Tuesday, February 28 at 7 PM.
This week we’ll discuss the ideas of Daniel Dennett. Six of us went to see him speak a few weeks ago.

Here are links, gathered by George Faulkner, that will fill you in on his views.
Dennett’s latest book is: “From Bacteria to Bach”

Review of Dennet’s Latest Book 1

Review of Dennett’s Latest Book 2

A good overview interview with Dennett.

An extended essay on his view of the mind.

A clever thought experiment when Dennett in a sense loses his mind.

A good essay by Michael Shermer on Dennett, Stephen Jay Gould, and Robert Wright: 

 Please join us for a stimulating discussion.

Here’s a link to the Natural Cosmology Website.