Meet Your New Board Members

At the 2017 UUCWC Annual Meeting we elected five new Board of Trustees members; Marianne Alt (President), Nathalie Edmond, Patrick Kahney, John Ueng-McHale and Colin Unsworth. Each of them brings a unique perspective and set of skills to the board enhancing the talents of continuing board members Ed Dobrowolski, Lynne Quinto, Peter Rafle, and Pam Shadzik.  Read about the newest members here and be sure to say hello and congratulations when you see them in church.

Marianne Alt has been a member of UUCWC since 2001 when she joined with her husband, Bob.  She has found many ways of getting involved from performing in musical groups, teaching RE, organizing major events such as Rev. Kim’s Installation and the Centennial Worship Service, participating in Chalice Circles and being active in the Racial Justice Initiative.  She just finished serving for four years as a Worship Associate, the last two as Co-Chair.

After selling books at the Newtown Bookshop for 8 years, Marianne returned to her profession of secondary education and has been teaching mathematics at Council Rock High School South for a year and a half.

Fun fact: Marianne has performed in amateur theater productions of Oklahoma! in both Bay Village, Ohio and St. Germain-en-Laye, France.

Nathalie Edmond joined UUCWC in 2006 with her husband Chris.  Nathalie and Chris attend church regularly with their children, Jakob and Daphne.  Nathalie has participated in a variety of activities over the years such as Journey Towards Wholeness, CFA, Homefront meals and Wellspring. She is a teacher in children’s RE, a facilitator of yoga and meditation for adult RE, and the co-chair of Racial Justice Initiative.

Nathalie is a psychologist and yoga teacher. She was a director of a women’s trauma program for many years. She started her own practice in Ewing over a year ago and likes to incorporate the mind-body connection into all aspects of her personal and professional life.

Fun fact: Nathalie loves waking up at 4:30 am (with no alarm) to meditate and exercise.

Patrick Kahney began attending UUCWC in the fall of 2008 with his wife Noelle and daughter, Naomi (3 years old) and in February 2009 signed the membership book. Since then he’s been involved in the grounds committee, building committee (briefly) and currently is part of the sound team and serves as a back-up Usher/Greeter. He was honored to be a Sunday Speaker, confessing his love of all things comic book-related during the Story for All Ages. His family participates in Loaves and Fishes, making PB&J sandwiches, and donates a back to school backpack to Home Front every year.

Outside of church Patrick spends a lot of his time either exercising or driving around to various kids sports events. Favorite activities include Friday night Pennsbury High School football games with the whole family, and going on road trips or attending music events with Noelle.

Fun fact: Patrick played football in college 20 years ago and is forever grateful Noelle didn’t meet him until he was 27 when he was finally “marriage material.”

John Ueng-McHale joined UUCWC with his wife, Jasmine, in early 2015. John has taught RE for two years, and he participated in the first Racial Justice reflections last year. At his previous church, John served as Treasurer of the Board of World Fellowship, in which capacity he helped manage the church’s large charitable-giving budget.

John lives in Pennington, NJ with Jasmine and their children Lia and Kai. John’s professional background is in electrical engineering, specifically semiconductor-device design and fabrication. Currently he is Executive Vice President of Operations for Duet Microelectronics in Raritan, NJ.

Fun fact: John likes making noise with his bass guitar.

Colin Unsworth has been a member of UUCWC since 2008.  Shortly after joining  he was asked by Rollie and Lori Rahn to serve on the Membership Committee and have been active in that role ever since.  Along with his wife, Sparky Morrison, he scheduled and ran the UU101 class that introduced Universal Unitarianism to new prospective members. Colin was also part of the effort to take pictures of our members for the Church Photo Directory and continue in that capacity as the photographic editor taking pictures of new members as they join the church.

Professionally, Colin is a retired professional airline pilot where he flew cargo for Flying Tigers and Federal Express, retiring in 2008. He is also a US Air Force veteran of 20 years  as a transport pilot with service during Viet Nam in the 1970’s and Desert Storm in 1991.

Fun Fact: Colin’s flying career with the Air Force took him to many remote places, including Thule Air Base in far northern Greenland and as far south as McMurdo Base in Antarctica, where he landed on an ice runway.