It Takes a Village

The Pastoral and Caring Ministry is way more than nine people. There are 110 volunteers on our Lotsa Helping Hands website that are on call to provide meals, transportation, and other services to members in times of joy and need. Beyond that there are the many groups that look after each other on an ongoing basis – JULIETs, ROMEOs, Choir, Chalice Circles, Wellspring, Kinship Circles, Spirituality Groups, Pot Lucks, Committees, Ministries and friendships.

During this pandemic crisis this is truer than ever.

There is a long list of things being done on Zoom to keep us well spiritually, mentally and physically as well as connected. Right now we have Sunday services with coffee hour, Wednesday meditation and check-ins, Friday Sing-Alongs, ARE classes, Spirituality meetings, Coffee Clubs. Also our members are connecting and supporting each other on our Facebook pages and through email chains.

As the weeks of physical distancing wear on, the Pastoral and Caring Ministry has initiated a proactive check-in calling routine to ensure that no member, friend, or participant is lacking a caring connection with UUCWC on a regular basis. We need to know that you are OK, that you’re basic needs are met and you are taking advantage of opportunities to stay connected that you are comfortable with.

We also want to hear about creative ways you are using to cope during this stressful time in our history.

Pastoral and Caring Ministry is always available via phone or email, Contact us if you or someone you know can benefit from our ministry.

Thank you all for being a part of this great congregation.

Rev. Kim (after May 3), Rev. Sue (until May 2), Pat Czerwonka, Ronnie Dobrowolski, Bonnie Kubicka, Michael Howe-Smith, Bay Waltman, Julie Lambert, Penny Rodgers, Denny Rodgers