Invitation to Get Connected

Years ago I watched as a beloved and tenured minister moved into a time of great change in his congregation.  If nothing else, it was challenging.  The change wasn’t financial or membership growth.  It wasn’t the joy of commitment.  And yet, it was necessary and ultimately good healthy change.

In an effort to stay connected to the congregation he served, he announced that he’d be showing up throughout a particular month.  No agenda.  Just available.  Willing to listen, and willing to answer.

I asked him once, How do you sleep after these?  He said, Sometimes I don’t.  But it’s the right thing to do.

Change is a relative experience that can take shape, take color, take on emotion that is different depending on the person experiencing it.  Though I don’t believe the changes we’ve experienced over the last years have caused great unrest, with an Intern Minister coming aboard, a Strategic Visioning Task Force helping us prepare for a potential Capital Campaign, membership growth, and more, it feels like a good time to intentionally connect.  Besides, I have always thought that at times of any change, times of any unclear or uncertain communication, I’d show up for the congregation I served, and be available, willing to listen, and willing to answer.

It’s in this spirit that for the next three weeks (see times below) I will be showing up at UUCWC and invite you to join me.  Grateful to remember that I don’t know or hold everything, there will also be two Board Members present at each gathering.

Please see the full announcement below and do take note of the RSVP and childcare availability.

Getting Connected: As the congregation continues to grow and change, Rev. Kim recognizes the difficulty in being informed and understanding how the congregation is currently taking shape.

In an effort to keep folks connected Rev. Kim will hold three opportunities to ask questions, offer feedback, and simply be heard on the following dates: March 23rd, March 29th, and April 4th each from 7:30-9pm.  There will be no agenda from Rev. Kim, only listening and responding as she is able. A member of the Board of Trustees will also be present to listen and help answer your questions.

Childcare is available upon request; please notify Robin Pugh ( by March 21 to make childcare arrangements.

Please RSVP to if you are planning to attend and indicate which meeting date.