Introducing Monthly Vesper Services

by Sue Flynn, Ministerial Intern

“Spiritual” is a word I love. When I use this word, I am speaking to the needs we have as human beings to make meaning in our lives. It is less of a definition and more of a question. Where is the meaning in your life? What gets you out of bed in the morning? How are you making sense of the grief and/or joy you find in your life? What do you reach for when it feels overwhelming, or underwhelming, too intense, or too stuck? Answers to these questions are, for me, the basis of our individual spirituality.

I have been delighted to see the many places UUCWC works to provide for our community’s spiritual needs. Our Sunday worship services are the most obvious. But there are many church groups and gatherings that allow for the opportunity to connect with what is most important in our lives: The ROMEOs and JULIETs, Chalice Circles, the Racial Justice Initiative, the potlucks and music celebrations, are just a few of the many.

This month we will introduce one more way to connect and nourish where you find meaning in your life. On October 10th, we begin a monthly evening Vespers service.

What is “Vespers”? The Greek word “Hespera” and the Latin “Vesper” literally mean evening or dusk, which refer to when they are usually held. Vespers traditionally has been a service that involves singing, praying and sometimes food. They are quiet services; an opportunity to turn inward and an invitation to feed the parts of the self that can get lost in the flurry of a high energy Sunday morning.

Throughout the ages and denominations, Vespers services have been transformed to fit each people. For us at UUCWC, this will be a time of meditation and an opportunity to turn inward with the help of the darkening evenings, music, poetry, silence, and at times a visual display.

Our first Vespers service will be Tuesday October 10, from 7pm – 8pm with the theme of Gratitude, in the UUCWC sanctuary. It will be led by Sue Flynn, the Ministerial Intern. Please join us. Feed your spirit; make meaning.