Introducing the Ministerial Intern Committee

From the Ministerial Intern Committee: Sonia Hardaway, Tim Murphy, Connie Rafle, Michael Waas, Regina Zilinski

We are incredibly pleased and proud that we have Sue Flynn with us here at UUCWC. In the 2016-2017 church year the Ministerial Intern Committee reviewed applications from several potential interns and conducted a thorough interview process with all the candidates; and after much consideration decided Sue Flynn would be the best fit to serve as the first ministerial intern for a residency at UUCWC.

The Committee would like to give you an idea of what is expected of us, as a Committee, and you, as a newly formed Teaching Congregation. The internship committee’s primary function is to contribute to the ministerial formation of the intern. We advise, support, listen, give feedback, and evaluate Sue in her personal and professional development as a minister. Our role is one of offering guidance to her and supporting her whenever and however she may need it.

The two most concrete tasks of the committee are its participation in monthly meetings with Sue and its representation at functions where she has a leadership role. The committee will also want to learn through conversation with Sue how she seems to be handling the less visible functions of ministry such as counseling, administration, and staff relationships.

A third but equally important task for the Committee is to encourage Sue to engage in thoughtful reflection on how her theology informs her ministry and vice versa.

Our committee is made up of five congregants Sonia Hardaway, Tim Murphy, Connie Rafle, Regina Zilinski, and Michael Waas. Most Sunday’s you can locate at least one of us after the church service, if you want to learn more about the internship process or have ideas or feedback that you would like to get to Sue. In the spirit of transparency and in alignment with our Seven Principles and right relations; we ask that you connect your name with any feedback that you have to give, along with the context in which you experienced Sue’s ministry in action. The Ministerial Intern Committee welcomes feedback and/or questions in person or by email at

This is a great opportunity for UUCWC, and we, the committee, want to make it as rewarding for Sue and the Church as possible. Please do not hesitate to contact any of the committee members with any feedback, questions, or comments. We all look forward to hearing from you.

Sue Flynn, Michael Waas, Sonia Hardaway, Connie Rafle, Regina Zilinski, and Tim Murphy