Well Chlorination Underway at UUCWC: 
Drinking Water Advisory

UUCWC is experiencing challenging water concerns today.  Following problems with air in the pipes last week, it was determined that a new well water pump was required.  This was replaced on Friday, January 27, and necessitated chlorination of the well; this is a state regulation for public wells.

Unfortunately, the process is taking longer than expected; it requires adding concentrated chlorine directly to the well and subsequent flushing of that chlorine from the system.  The purge of chlorine from the system must be, as best as possible, directly outside to avoid chlorinated water being introduced into the septic system.  Once chlorination and flushing is complete, we will have the water tested to assure the water is safe to drink.  This process will take 2 days following the clearing of the chlorine from the system.

Until the process is complete and the tests come back “all clear”, we have issued a drinking water advisory for the church; please do not drink the water until further notice.  Additionally, we ask that you limit use of the toilets and sinks to assist in managing the chlorination/flushing of system process.

If using the restrooms is an unavoidable necessity, we have provided hand sanitizer for washing and you can flush as needed. We have brought in outside sourced water for drinking and coffee.  We may be using paper products at coffee hour to avoid the need for using the dishwasher.

We apologize for any inconvenience, and ask for your patience, cooperation and understanding as we deal with this situation and take subsequent measures to ensure your safety and comply with state regulations on our public well.

The good news is when this process is completed, we will have upgraded our well pump, which should be good for 10-15 years.

Thank you.