Help Preserve Our New Parking Area

by Steve Saddlemire, Co-Chair, Grounds Committee

We hope and expect everyone is taking advantage of our new pervious paved parking area.  While we  have established a workable parking pattern, we have not resolved several issues and need the congregation’s help. 

Recently, there have been several instances where the paving grid has been “pushed” out of the stone by what we suspect are vehicle tires either spinning or turning too sharply.  This damage is going to cost over a $1,000 to repair, and the poor old Grounds budget just doesn’t have the funds to cover these types of unexpected costs.

We would like to propose some guidelines for parking on the pervious paved area (the larger parking area not the spaces on either side of the access driveway). We hope these measures will address the situation until such time as the grass is established.

  • We are asking that only cars be parked on the large pervious paved area.  Trucks and vans should park in the asphalt paved area or along the access road. 
  • Be very careful not to turn abruptly , break suddenly or accelerate quickly in the referenced area.
  • Try to use the large pervious paved area only on Sundays.  Whenever possible park in either the asphalt paved area, the adjacent  “lawn” area  or along the access driveway.
  • Let the Grounds Committee or the Office Assistant know if you notice any new damage or washout to the grid and associated gravel infill.

We are working  on the pervious paved grass growing situation but that will likely not happen until sometime after the building construction project  is initiated.

As always your help in addressing this concern is greatly appreciated!