Grounds Committee

by Steve Saddlemire

Having taken over the reins of the Grounds Committee (with Scott Drew’s valuable help) in mid-summer from the incredibly involved and knowledgeable Kathleen Konopka, I have quickly learned that there’s a lot more to our exterior environment than what you see from the parking lot.

UUCWC sits on a large and diverse piece of property, and there’s always some new adventure requiring the Ground Committee’s involvement. After receiving suggestions from office administrator Susan Irgang and a short post-Sunday service recruitment effort, six brave volunteers spent several hours spreading the large mulch pile that was encroaching on the playground. It’s amazing to see what the power of a group effort can accomplish in such a short time!

The next assignment was to look at what might be done with both a bee/yellow jacket and tick problem encountered by several congregants participating in outdoor events. After broadcasting the problem to the Grounds and Earth Ministry Committees and receiving suggestions from members, we developed some guidelines to protect against ticks and removed the stinging situation while using environmentally friendly and acceptable products.

Our latest project was to replace the parking signs in front of the church after getting banged up by snow plows and cars.

So as you can see our efforts have been important and varied, but to keep this effort going and expand our services I NEED MORE PARTICIPANTS! In addition to addressing intermittent situations suggested by members, Susan or Rev. Kim, the Grounds Committee has regular projects that need attention. Both the front and rear flower beds need a major weeding, shrubs, trees and bushes need to be trimmed, and the walking trail needs attention. What better way to get a little fresh air and commune with your fellow members.

I hope this has been helpful in explaining some of the work of the Grounds Committee; let me know if you’re interested in joining the fun at