The Great Spirit Gave Us Each a Song

The Great Spirit Gave Us Each a Song (Native American Proverb)

I have a drawing with this proverb hanging in my office. It inspires me to continue to encourage everyone in our community to sing their “song” through music. Whether singing along with the hymns chosen for a sermon, singing specific songs that the choir has rehearsed for weeks that reflect the spirit and theme of a service, humming a tune in your car that you heard at church or one that reaches out from your memories, or responding to a piece you hear on the radio…each of us has a song to sing. Each of us can express our inner self through music in some way.

Everyone is welcome to come and sing with the Crossing Chorale. No audition is necessary and you don’t even know how to read music (although it helps!).  We rehearse the music far enough in advance that you should be able to learn it. All you need is the desire to work together with a caring ministry in learning and singing songs that ring true to our Seven Principles and from the heart.

I know that everyone who might wish to sing with the choir cannot make the commitment to a weekly rehearsal and two Sundays a month throughout the year. However, if you’d like to sing for the Christmas Eve service, you are welcome to join us in rehearsals in November and December, Thursdays from 8:15 – 9:00 in November and 7:30-9:00 in December. Let me know if you’d like to start ( and I’ll make sure to have a music folder ready for you!

Or maybe you play an instrument? If you’re just learning or have played for years, we’d love to hear you! We have other musicians play/sing in services when the choir isn’t singing.

Consider participating in the Music Program at UUCWC…it’s a great group of people, a true fellowship within the congregation…all working towards a common goal of singing the song that the “great spirit” has given us!


Caryl Tiption
Director, Music Ministry