Food Ministry Update

by Mike Muccioli

Thank You, Thank You, 1,400 times Thank You! Your generosity is amazing!

Last month, the UUCWC Food Ministry asked for your help to provide food related assistance to Luther Arms of Trenton, a low income, non-profit for senior citizens, many with disabilities. You have provided the March food drive with over 1,400 items. Food Ministry received 280 fruit cups, and 392 oatmeal and 752 granola bars. This will go a long way to help those struggling with food related issues during this pandemic time. The Food Ministry continues to explore other groups and programs so we may be able to continue our mission.

We would like express our sincere appreciation to all that have donated to our efforts. Please continue to help with your generous financial support to ensure that your Food Ministry will continue to have a positive impact on our community.