Finance Committee Initiatives for The Fiscal Year

by Steve Saddlemire, Finance Committee

Over the summer months, the Finance Committee remained busy examining important issues that impact the financial health of our Church. The Team (Stewardship, Treasurer, Bookkeeper, Endowment, Fundraising, Auction, Capital Campaign and Building) examined both new ideas and ongoing projects and developed a list of initiatives we would like to address this fiscal year. Our priorities include:

  1. 2021 Financial Audit: There were a number of very important issues generated from this report, including the need to update and expand the financial record-keeping and accountability procedures; better define the roles of the Treasurer, Financial Chairman and bookkeeper/comptroller; review, update, and possibly change our software systems; and improve data storage and security of paper and electronic files.
  2. Reviewing the church’s operating and facility maintenance reserve funds to ensure they are meeting the needs they were intended to address.
  3. Analyzing next year’s proposed budget to assure it is properly balanced.
  4. Working with Congregational Engagement to develop a program that will allow congregants an easy transition onto the Finance Committee.
  5. Working with church committees to ensure they are following good financial practices, including documentation of contributions and expenditures and expenditure approvals.

As UUCWC grows in both size and scope of services to the community, it is imperative that good financial stewardship is maintained and expanded. This year’s initiatives are a big step toward successfully accomplishing that task.