Faith Action Ministry Update

UUCWC’s Faith Action Ministry (FAM) sends out a weekly email titled, “Actions From Home” and have received a great response. If you would like to be included the “Actions from Home” listserve, please email

Over fifteen people have donated food and gift cards for the families of the FAM English Program who are in crisis. This included the families of the cooks for Cena Latina and one of the presenters. These generous contributions also enabled us to provide food to the families of our partner church, St. James AME — Hightstown. These families are all struggling with so much. There is so much to say about this community that is heartbreaking. One example of a student (from Bill Goodwin’s Beginner Class) we have helped is a single mother who has lost her job, worries that she is no longer able to send money back to her family in Guatemala, and is being asked to e-teach in a language she doesn’t know.

When we partnered with St. James to plan last year’s Cena Latina and were honored by the ESL students working side-by-side with members of our congregation, we envisioned it as another stepping-stone towards building a Beloved Community within and outside our church walls. As a way to support communities that are vulnerable due to poverty or lack of documentation. We feel that the health and economic crisis we are currently in is calling us to take one more step along this path, to continue the work. Thank you to those who have helped and those who are continuing to help.

Stay tuned for other FAM initiatives to take action to live our faith.